• Our premier grain system
  • Monitors temperature and moisture of your grain
  • System alerts and helpful data
  • Internet-based central monitoring of multiple bins
  • All parts are made in the U.S.A.

Easily integrate additional features like Theft Manager or Rain Gauge.

BinCheck Handheld

BinCheck Handheld

  • Exterior walk-up access
  • Connector box mounts right onto the exterior
  • One handheld unit plugs into multiple bins
  • Quick and easy way to access drying data

Long-life lithium ion battery requires no additional electrical power.

BinCheck Deluxe

BinCheck Deluxe

  • Provides alerts when there is a problem
  • Works on all web enabled devices
  • Will be setup on a wireless network so bins do not have to be daisy chained
  • Over 9 alarm notifications

Easily manage your grain from anywhere.


CropFax Top-20 Hybrids

  • Top corn or soybean hybrids for your growing area
  • Independent analysis from over 1 million field trials
  • Includes relative strengths for yield, dry-down and lodging
  • Provides relevant climate data: freeze dates, growing degree units, etc.

Your best reference to find the right hybrid corn and soybean seed for improved yields.

Made in the USA

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